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Manage IT

What is Manage IT?

  • Manage IT is a managed services product brought to you by Gerdy Solutions. It is a fixed price, proactive, IT network and infrastructure maintenance and monitoring service. It is like having your very own IT Department in-house.

  • IT Support Sydney
  • There are many benefits Manage IT can offer your business.

    Managed Services Sydney Unlimited IT Helpdesk Support
    Imagine the ability to be able to pick up the phone and make a quick phone call for any little IT issue or question you may have? With Manage IT, you and your staff have access to unlimited IT helpdesk support. This has many advantages in it enabling you to ask any question without that additional added cost every time.

    Managed Services Sydney In-House IT Resource
    Having a dedicated in house IT department can be expensive and may not be something that your business needs. As a Manage IT customer you will have access to experienced and knowledgeable support staff which can cover a vast variety of issues, problems and questions. It will almost be like you have your very own in-house IT department and IT Service Desk, without the added unnecessary cost.

    Managed Services Parramatta Reduced system downtime
    It is only natural for your IT infrastructure to become out dated and degrade over time which in turn can cause issues across your business. Our preventative maintenance and network monitoring will detect these problems early , minimizing the risk of them escalating into more expensive repairs and system downtime.

    IT Support Parramatta Data Protection
    Data is the epicentre of any business and without it your business will significantly struggle. Manage IT will ensure your business data is safeguarded by ensuring your data is being backed up daily.
  • Helpdesk Support Sydney Increase productivity
  • It is quite common across any business that staff can spend a great deal of time trying to resolve an IT issue they are experiencing rather than focusing on their job and core business functions. Manage IT's unlimited helpdesk support enables your staff to call any number of times about IT issues while enabling them to focus on what you have hired them to do.

  • Helpdesk Support Parramatta Budget IT spend
  • Manage IT will enable you to budget for monthly IT support costs just like you do for phone bills, Internet bills or your rent. This enable's you to avoid unexpected costs because of technology failure.

  • Managed Services Sydney Discounted Service
    IT is a cost to any business and either way you will need to pay for support. So why not receive significant discounts on IT services that you are already buying? With Manage IT you will pay one flat, affordable rate and get access to all the benefits.