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Manage IT Pro-Active

Manage IT Pro-Active Support: What is it all about?

  • It’s as important as putting petrol in your car!
    A car will run the way you expect it to, and “just work” without ANY intervention, until seemingly without warning – it stops working – and you’re stuck!  What happened? 

So it is with computer networks.  Unfortunately, they don’t take care of themselves; intervention is required to ensure they continue to work as you expect them to.

We monitor hundreds of vital components of your servers every month!  By checking logs, alerts, performance monitors, and other metrics, we can identify small errors and correct them – before they turn into big problems.

Proactive means fewer problems.
Keeping on top of anti-virus updates, security patches, Windows Updates and service packs is a necessary task to keep your network running smoothly. 

Several times a year we test your server’s battery backup, tape backup, and other redundancies.  We perform a test restore of your data.  You’ll know that everything WILL work the way you hope it should in the event of a business disruption or disaster.  A backup is only as good as the last restore attempt!

Proactive Maintenance of Servers could be the difference between getting that order to your customer on time, responding to a prospect before your competitor does, or responding to a service issue before you lose the customer!

More uptime.  More efficiency.  Less money.
We are partners because both of us want the same result; for your server to be up and running.  By doing PROACTIVE maintenance and monitoring on you servers and desktops, we feel confident that network problems will be few and far between.

Catching a little problem before it turns into a server crashing can be the difference between a few minutes and tens of hours of technical support costs.