Ad Hoc IT Support, Server and Network Setups + More all over Sydney!

What does Gerdy Solutions have to offer?

Hardware Support
Gerdy Solutions provide hardware troubleshooting and support. This includes repairs, upgrades and installation of technical components and peripherals in devices such as personal computers, laptops, servers, printers, modems, routers and other hardware. This also include data retrieval of information from problem hard drives.
Software Support
Gerdy Solutions provide software support that involves the installation and setup of software's on computers. This includes system software such as operating systems, hardware drivers and antivirus or application software such as, business applications, word processing, email programs, internet browsers, communication software's and graphics programs. Troubleshooting software issues is also included.
Network Support
Gerdy Solutions provide network support for networks of any size for small and medium size businesses. This includes the specialised design of a network infrastructure according to a business's requirements and probable future growth. Network support covers the installation and deployment of this network with the merging of various hardware and software components. Network support also includes repairing issues with connectivity across hardware devices. Maintenance of networks is also incorporated.
Web Development
Web development and engineering covers a broad range of work involved in building a website whether it be intended for the Internet or an internal Intranet. Gerdy Solutions can build websites that range from various static pages to fully intergraded web 2.0 applications.

Various web programming languages including HTML, PHP, ASP and the .NET framework can be used to create a website along with many flavours of databases.

Designing websites to suit the identity of the business or company is important and Gerdy Solutions can offer aesthetically pleasing and fully ergonomic yet at the same time attracting potential customers.

Gerdy Solutions can offer other various web services that include; search engine optimisation, ecommerce, internet marketing and build and configure content management systems.

Web Hosting
Gerdy Solutions can create a web hosting package for a business suited to its requirements. We can offer hosting for a business's website or for their email accounts with online web mail. Various hosting platforms for different programming languages are available whether it is Windows or Linux. Gerdy Solutions also offer dedicated servers online with cpanel management.
IT Procurement
Gerdy Solutions can offer various hardware and software's at competitive prices. These include servers, PC's, laptops, printers, consumables, monitors, cables, software licenses etc.
Project Support
Gerdy Solutions provide project support resources including project managers, project co-coordinators, business analysts, programmers, network architects and testers to ensure successful implementation and completion of any IT Project.
Specialised Services
Gerdy Solutions also offer specialised and out of the ordinary solutions. We work together with our clients in providing a solution to any problem or situation they may come across.