Gerdy Hosted Exchange

Gerdy Hosted Exchange

Why run your own exchange server when we can run it for you! With Gerdy Hosted Exchange you take out the hassle and cost of hosting in-house. Gerdy Hosted Exchange is packed with features including enhanced security and privacy, access from anywhere, collaboration and sharing features plus much more.

Gerdy Hosted Exchange is a premium hosting solution which is built for your business. It enables you to access your email using a variety of mediums and platforms.

Computer Access

Mobile Access

Web Access

Access your email from your computer access email from your phone access email anywhere on the web
Access your Microsoft Exchange email account from your very own desktop or laptop.
Never miss an important email with ActiveSync for your iPhone, Android and Windows based phone.
Get access to your email using any computer in the word connected to the Internet.


There are many advantages Gerdy Hosted Exchange can offer your business.

Anytime Anywhere Access

Keep up to date, stay connected and work offline.

Increase Productivity

Collaborate easily and securely, schedule meetings, share files, share emails, share contacts and calendars.

Save Money

No server maintenance charges, no licensing costs, no hardware needed, no backup software or antvirus needed for your server.


Ask us about our obligation free 30 day trial to see the advantages for yourself.