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Gerdy Cloud FAQs

Q: Is Gerdy Cloud secure?
A: Yes! All data stored on the Gerdy Cloud is converted into a form that cannot be easily understood by unauthorised personnel. This process is known as encryption and is conducted locally before it is transmitted onto the Gerdy Cloud servers.

Q: What happens if my internet connection goes down?
A: If your data is stored on the cloud and your Internet connection goes down, you will not be able to access the data. It is highly recommended to have a backup Internet connection in the case that your main service goes offline.

Q: Where are the Gerdy Cloud servers located?
A: All Gerdy servers are located in Australia and not overseas. We do not outsource any data storage or processing power to any third parties.

Q: Who backs up my data?
A: This is done automatically via an agent that is installed on your device to be backed up. This agent then contacts and communicates with the Gerdy Cloud Backup server in order to backup all your data.

Additionally, our servers are built on highly reliable, fully redundant equipment.  

Q: Do you provide an uptime guarantee?
A: Yes. The entire Precision Cloud system comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Q: Do I still have ownership of the data once it is put on Gerdy Cloud?
A: We never take ownership of your data. You will always own your data. In the event you decide not to continue with the Gerdy Cloud services, we will organise to have the data returned to you in an agreeable format.

Q: Do I need to buy software licensing when I move to the Gerdy Cloud?
A: No. This is all looked after by Gerdy Solutions. We purchase all software licenses. All you need to worry about is the monthly charge with no additional licensing charges.  

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