What can Gerdy Cloud Backup offer your Sydney Business?

Cloud Backup

Gerdy Cloud Backup offers simple, secure online backup and recovery. It can protect your critical data by automatically encrypting and then streaming it, to our secure off-site data center. All it takes to setup is just a few minutes. Should disaster strike, you have the ability of restoring your critical files from anywhere. Keep your business up and running with Gerdy Cloud Backup.

Gerdy Cloud Backup can protect a variety of your business critical systems and data. Our solution provides you with backup and restore for the following:

  • Windows system Image bare metal backup
  • Microsoft Exchange Server complete mail store
  • Microsoft SQL Server backup
  • MySQL backup
  • Oracle Database backup
  • Windows system Image bare metal backup
  • Open Files

  • Gerdy Cloud

Contact us to discuss which data plan would suit your business most. Would your business survive if you lost your business data? Don't wait until it is too late!